We are so relieved to see our loved ones transformation since moving into Beechwood Manor. You and your staff have been so kind and considerate in dealing with her resistance to being there as well as her personal problems. When we visited her last week, we saw a new person. Her colour is better and her mind is a bit sharper. That is what a well nourished body does. When we talk on the phone, each time we notice a little less resistance. She loved her independence at home, but we have never heard one negative remark about Beechwood. Our son tells us today she is even agreeing to sell her house so the goals are being met. Our son did a lot of research before settling on Beechwood. He couldn’t have done better!

We want you and your entire staff to know our appreciation of your care and concern for our loved one.

Thank you, thank you.


My Mother-in-Law, moved to Beechwood Manor, November 2011 and continued her residency through to June 2016.

She loved living there, it was her home. During her recent time in hospital, she remarked that she wanted to go home. When asked — where is that? Beechwood! She just knew she would be okay and well cared for is she could go home.

As a member of her support family, I can confirm our comfort in knowing Mom was ‘in good hands’. This included Doctor visits, complete management of her meds, response at all hours to her call for assistance, meals brought to her apartment, special cleaning, oversight, keeping family informed, coordinated these supports with the additional care she was receiving via LHIN. Welcoming Mom back home from her times in hospital at any hour of the day, having a food tray ready for her, if she hadn’t had a meal at the hospital. Having meds ready for family members who were picking Mom up to attend a special event and would be having her meals elsewhere. Seeking to have her participate in the many activities presented at Beechwood. Welcoming family members to attend special events. The good list just keeps on and on as one continues to reflect on Mom’s life at Beechwood.

While no one can deliver perfection, everyone at Beechwood certainly set this as their objective 24/7, and we thank you for that.

May everyone associated with Beechwood, owner, staff and residents, be blessed in knowing the always presence of the Lord of Jesus Christ.


I want to thank your home for your wonderful care and the patience with the staff after my loved one came back in December, and for the short time she was there in October. Also thank you for all your work and patience with us as we worked with CCAC to arrange for care for her while she was there for the two weeks.

Your facility is a great little home and she did enjoy being there, and loved the food.

Thank you again for all your help.


Dear Beechwood Staff,

Thank you for all your support with my parents and especially now my dad during his grieving. Your kindness and care is greatly appreciated. Wishing you all a happy, healthy and blessed new year.

PF, VF and PF

To all the Beechwood Staff,

We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to make our mother comfortable and feel at home in the time she has been living at Beechwood Manor. From the moment we moved her into an Independent Living suite two and a half years ago, until her departure on Tuesday we have always felt that she was “in good hands”.

We are grateful for the swift attention to any needs she had, from maintenance to dietary, nurses and personal care providers. She was so sad to leave here the other day, and we hated to take her from this good place.

We want you to know that she is settling in at a Long Term Care Home, which has also proven to be another warm welcoming place.

Please know that your patience and kindness has meant the world to us!

J & SK

May I thank you for your kindness when we first met, which gave us such a good impression of Beechwood, and for the reassuring conversation I had with your reception staff about how well my aunt has been doing since she has been with you. My daughter and I felt that she had shown enormous resilience and courage in overcoming her injuries and the demoralizing effect of a long spell in hospital. That she has gone from that to making new friends and settling so well in your care is a testament both to your staff and to her!


To the entire Beechwood Manor R.H. Staff,

Thank you for the compassionate loving care you have given me.


Connie, I wanted to sincerely thank you and your staff for helping us get things set up for mom. You have made my brother and I feel so comfortable. Just walking around and interacting with everyone as we’ve set things up with mom has given us comfort that we made a really good choice. I know that time will tell but we are excited with the prospect of mom starting a new phase in her life there and hope she will find a home where she will want to spend the rest of her life.



Thank you so much for the guidance you gave us in helping our loved one in her final weeks at Beechwood. We appreciate all that you and your staff provided in order for her to stay in her home. The nurses went above and beyond to be sure she was comfortable and we thank them for their care. Our loved one very much enjoyed her brief time at Beechwood.


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