Covid 19 Precautionary Measures

To protect the health and wellbeing of our residents, their loved ones and our team members, we have implemented a number of measures in line with our Infection Control protocols and the latest Ontario Health recommendations including;
* Personal protective equipment (PPE) available and required by all staff
* Active screening as required by current government and Ontario Health
* Maintaining visitor logs
* Promoting good hand hygiene
* Making hand sanitizer readily available
* Regular surveillance for signs and symptoms in Residents and staff
* Increased cleaning and disinfection
General visitors are not currently allowed in the home.  Essential service caregivers can make an appointment by calling Beechwood Manor directly.
Window visits are welcome provided the windows are closed.  These visits do not have to be scheduled.
We ask that all residents only go out for essential services i.e. groceries, medical appointments.
To tour our home, please call to make an appointment for a virtual tour or an in-person tour.